Agenda cinématographique - octobre 2014


vu au cinéma revu ; vu première fois

• Vertigo 4/5

• Dans la vallée d’Elah 4/5

• Si je reste 2,5/5

Batman Begins4/5

• Gone Girl 4,5/5

Oslo August 31st 3,5/5

• The Dark Knight 5/5

• N’oublie pas que tu vas mourir 4/5

• Gone Girl 4,5/5

• Mommy 4,5/5

• The Dark Knight Rises 4,5/5

Show all the people in our nation who share the horrible burden of losing a child with you that the First Family may be devastated, but it has not forgotten the American people. Who voted for your husband and who need to see that you’re okay whether or not it’s the truth.

Steven and Lauren // Season Five Premiere